Alphanums’ apps make it easier for you to use your electric vehicle, give you productivity tools, or help you with complex tasks, such as building school schedules.

Our apps do not collect any user data. The choices you make, your preferences, your data … all this remains only in the personal environment of your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Ready to go ? With EV Zen, evaluate the autonomy gained for your electric vehicle when charging on the charging station, or the time needed to earn some range, depending on the duration and your driving preferences.

In Folio helps you to print your booklets, with In Folio, In Quarto, In Six and In Octavo folding, even on a single-sided printer.

Numerare converts numbers to Roman numerals, reads them with the camera, writes them in Latin.

Plein Temps, Expert Time table builder on Mac, to manage teachers, classes, rooms, groupings, options and more, and automatically build your time tables.