Convert numbers to Roman numbers and vice versa, up to 40 million, read the numbers with the camera, see how to say a number in Latin.

Numerare allows you to read numbers in Roman numerals and convert them to conventional numbers, up to numbers of 40 million.

Type the numeric number (2020) to convert it to Roman MMXX.

Or enter a Roman numeral like DCCXXXII to see it translate over time into a numeric number (732) and display it in Latin text: septicenti triginta duo. Use the smart input keypad in Roman numerals for easy and verified entry as you type.

Use the camera to instantly detect and translate numbers in text (iOS 13 only) or analyze the photos you have taken.

Copy the photo, the identified Roman numeral, its Latin translation, to send it, by email for example.

Learn how to add and subtract with abacuses.

Numerare can be displayed in English, French, Italian, Spanish and even Latin for enthusiasts.

Numerare works on iOS 11 and above and supports dark mode.

Set your preferences: if you only want to process numbers less than 4000, to simplify the entry. Or to indicate how to present large numbers (above 4000) in Roman numerals.

Find out more about Numerare version 2.0

Download the user guide.


Numerare available on the AppStore exclusively