Numerare Presents

Numerare lets you read numbers in Roman numerals and convert them to conventional numbers, up to numbers of 40 million. You can read inscriptions of Roman numerals with the camera to instantly detect and translate numbers or learn how to calculate additions and subtractions with abacuses.

Enter a Roman numeral using a smart keyboard. Set presentation preferences. Snapshot an inscription to decode the Roman numerals…

Do the operations with the abacuses.

Choose Add or Subtract.

Enter the first number, in numbers, in Roman numerals, or by moving the pebbles on the upper abacus.

Enter the number to add (or subtract) to it.

Tap on Calculate!

It’s up to you to calculate, by moving the pebbles on the upper abacus until all the pebbles at the bottom have turned gray.

You now know how to calculate like a Roman!