EV Zen

Evaluate the autonomy gained for your electric vehicle when charging on the charging station, depending on the duration and your driving preferences.

Choose a vehicle from the database, or select one of the favorite vehicles you have defined.

What type of charging point are you going to use?

Indicate the expected recharge duration to know instantly how much autonomy you will gain. Or enter the desired autonomy to know how long it takes to charge. If necessary, adjust your driving style for a more accurate assessment. EVZen takes into account the charge slowdown at the end of charge.

If your vehicle is not yet in the database, define the characteristics of the vehicle. Choose or take a picture … and create a custom vehicle

What is your driving style? Do you use a lot of heating or air conditioning? All this influences consumption and therefore autonomy.

Discover EV Zen capabilities of its version 1.9.

Or download user manual.

EVZen is available on AppStore exclusively